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Savage Family, H.G.S. / Higher Grounds of Struggle are a collective of a movement/ resistance that exists with or without us and with or without a name. Savage Family, HGS represents the voice of our people a people that have been ignored and unheard for years. We are the Forgotten, the people without names, faces, and voices. We are sacred in our imposed silence however and we sill be silent no longer. Savage Family, HGS have been given the ability to speak through music (HIP HOP). What we speak, some may wish to no hear but it is truth and a reality of what has existed and is corroding our communities, lies. But as our people have told us “lies have speed, but the truth, the truth has endurance”. That truth of our beauty, of our significance as indigenous peoples to the world has endured and will endure as long as our spirit exists connected to all that is sacred. We stand in defense of everything that continues to destroy our communities. The lies of money power and respect that have infiltrated our lives through mainstream media and sellout leadership that holds duel allegiances to a foreign colonizing power. We can no longer respect that. With these forms of self proclaimed leadership our communities have and will continue to fall apart until little/ nothing is left. We stand against that with whatever little we can offer. Everyone who stands in the struggle against the murder of our people and cultures is apart of us as we are apart of them. They influence our every movement. If you are looking for music filled with lies about money, power, respect, cash, cars, jewelry, women, etc, etc. this is not the music you will want to listen to. Our People were and are beautiful in our beliefs, values, and traditions which were completely contradictory, to this counterfeit model of what makes a person important. We stand without fear of consequences of what we will due to allow our people to withdraw themselves from the darkness that has been imposed on them. The shadows and the blindfolds that have converted there minds, bodies, and spirits. Steal the sun back!!!!!! “If we die we resurrected in another natives message”. Savage Family, Higher Grounds of Struggle. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
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