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They Dwell Beneath The Temples

DOWNLOAD THE EP FOR FREE on Last.fm - FREE DOWNLOAD!ALSO "LIKE" THE FACEBOOK PAGE HERE:http://facebook.com/tdbttDOWNLOAD HIS 12 SONG DEMO FROM 2011HERE:http://www.mediafire.com/?8l81ype5ioh2r13"JAG, YOU ARE" (EP 2012) TRACK LIST1. Jag, You Are2. Utilitarian3. Fatalistic in Flesh4. Call Us Survivalists5. Otherwise, From the Skies6. RevivalistsBIOThey Dwell Beneath the Temples" is a Metal project created by Jay C. Cooper (Orlando, Florida in the United States) to send a message through his lyrics and to inspire and be inspired by other musicians and fans of music. All songs by "They Dwell Beneath The Temples" are available for free download, to everyone, for the purpose of contributing to the influence of Music.GENREMetal/Progressive/Experimental/Maybe a lil' bit djentLOCATIONThe hoods of Orlando, FL, United States - Land of Mickey Mouse and high murder ratesâ¦INFLUENCESBULB/Periphery, Tool, Scale the Summit, Reflux, This or the Apocalypse, For the Fallen Dreams, The Black Dahlia Murder, Veil of Maya, The Contortionist, The Acacia Strain, Volumes, Structures, System of a DownWEBSITEShttp://got-djent.com/band/they-dwell-beneath-templesSONG LYRICS1. JAG, YOU AREcomplacency will kill, apathy is complicity,we stand on the verge of being meshed into an escapable corporate fascist scientific planetary regime,the empire sprawls death, destruction, and domination,militarily and economically across the planet,our very survival depends on replacing the corporate financier interests that drive thisfueled by our own selvesdown another Pepsi,watch your television screen,you pay servitude to a silent dictatorship,possessing technology,means of eliminating great numbers of the population,not only is this a possibility, it's a reality,mass involuntary medication to forcibly sterilize the population,a storm like a train from hell,we stand on the verge of being meshed into an inescapable corporate fascist,there is no opportunity,there is no opportunity to turn back,with the globalist depravity and betrayal at full display to the world,we can be in the way of them achieving it2. UTILITARIANA great institution,liable to be greatly abused,it comes from within,the belief in equal opportunity,there is no difference between you and me,we are all human beings,we are all human beings,we are all human beings,[chorus]everyone would think for themselves,this would defeat its own purpose in the midst of terrorlove is the subtlest force in the world,greater than the force of nature,pure and eternal,in a state representing an organized form of fear,the individual, having soul, is a soulless machine as a part of the state,never free of the fear to which it owes its very existence,increased power of the state, while doing some good, does great harm,by destroying individualitythe individual lies at the root of all progress,truth, being the voice within the individual,it will endure,it will endure,[chorus 2x]everyone would think for themselves,this would defeat its own purpose in the midst of terror3. FATALISTIC IN FLESHsome of us remember history,we know that blind obedience can make a society commit suicidethis is a 21st century witch hunt,master of the fragile common psyche,embodiment of evil demonizing the resistance,some of us remember history,some of us...to prevent transformation of the present system,mass hysteria pertains to the threat of the radicals,or otherwise, those who resistsome of us remember history,only some of us...this is a play about power,power cannot operate without paranoia,power is going to defend you against the enemy,if you don't believe in the enemy,you don't believe in the power,you don't believe in the power,some of us remember history,we know that blind obedience can make a society commit suicidewe are to defend our lives,or hand over our asses to the cause of tyranny,in this new age of slavery and population control4. CALL US SURVIVALISTSCall us survivalists,open your eyes and see what's really happening,take a look for yourself and see where it all leads to,preparation for economic collapse?we will not be so easily subdued by speeches from a teleprompter readerturn the picture upside-down and the pyramid rises above the eye,the blind crushing the all-seeing eyeknow the history and technology from ancient advanced civilizationsthat have since been completely destroyed by terrestrial and cosmic forces,do not have fear,do not have fear...5. OTHERWISE, FROM THE SKIES(no lyrics)6. REVIVALISTS(no lyrics) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
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